LAME DEER, Mont. - The Northern Cheyenne Tribe is celebrating their youth tonight as they complete the 26th Annual Fort Robinson Outbreak Spiritual Run.

Over the course of the last week, Northern Cheyenne youth made the journey from Nebraska to Montana, commemorating their ancestors' breakout of Fort Robinson on January 9th, 1879.

Running in relays, participants traced the 400 miles from Fort Robinson to the Northern Cheyenne homeland in Montana, completing the journey their ancestors could not.

The event honors their history, when tribal members captured in Rort Robinson, resolved to resist and escape their captors.

None survived, but this run serves to honor those who fought so hard to get back to their homeland.

Lynette Twobulls, the organizer for the event, says this run is particularly significant to the kids who have suffered so much loss throughout the pandemic.

“One of the things this run is, is we're remembering them and remembering our ancestors and the strength that they had and how they would want us to continue to live and to look to the future and to have hope. So that's really what this run does for them,” Twobulls said.

This year, 40 Northern Cheyenne runners completed the 400-mile trek from Rort Robinson Nebraska to the memorial gravesite in Busby.

Twobulls says she looks forward to continuing this important tradition that helps to heal the Northern Cheyenne community.

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