Yellowstone river in Billings at minor flood stage

On the flood line, effective May Monday, 5/29/17, a flood warning is in effect in parts of state, with concerns surrounding the Yellowstone river.

Right now we are following concerns surrounding the Yellowstone river, with more rain in the forecast this week.

Snow melt has caused the rivers to run high and the city of billings is in a minor flood stage.

Yellowstone County  says residents who experience flooding on their property should take the proper precautions.

This includes unplugging appliances to prevent electrical shocks, gathering emergency supplies and avoiding contact with floodwater if possible.

"The City of Billings was up there talking at 14 or 14 1/2 feet, water is going to start flowing backwards from the storm drains and popping off manhole covers. we could be a full foot or foot and half above that later this week," said Brad Shoemaker, director of Yellowstone County Disaster and Emergency Services. "So that's where we get into real major impacts and have flooding, not just on the river but in areas where we don't see water or haven't seen water before."

DES has already set up sandbagging at the several fire stations. 

This includes Huntley, Worden, Blue creek, and Laurel.

American Red Cross shelters are also open at the Billings heights and Laurel.

Shelter is available for those who show up. 

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