On Wednesday, Yellowstone County Disaster Emergency Services issued a test of the new CodeRed Alert System. 

If you haven't heard of CodeRed yet, it is an alert system designed to protect you and your family in case an emergency happens; and right now county officials are urging the public to get registered as soon as possible.

A test was set to be issued on Wednesday at 11 AM. So, how did it go? 

On a smart phone with the app downloaded, calls and texts were received at approximately 11:04 am.

That CodeRed account was also registered for notifications via email. The alert came through by email minutes later at 11:11.

CodeRed also works through landline phones. However, the test did not come through on our landline until 11:26.

The test alert received on Wednesday encouraged people to spread the word, and register for the new alert system.

"We encourage all residents and businesses to go to the city of billings or Yellowstone County website, click on the CodeRed logo or tab and enter their contact information," the phone message said. 

If this is what your alert said, then you did receive the test notification. 

You can also register on your mobile phone by texting the word Yellowstone to 99411 and completing the information on the link provided back to you.

If you do not have internet access, DES is asking you to either get help from a family member or friend, or call disaster emergency services directly at 406-256-2775.

You can register for CodeRED at http://www.co.yellowstone.mt.gov/des/

K.C. Williams with Disaster Emergency Services says the county will receive the results of the test from Onsolve, the software company behind CodeRed, within a day or two. 

In a Facebook poll we posted, we also received many questions about a subscription to the CodeRed app. 

It is important to note the app is free for your emergency alerts, but if you would like to receive emergency weather alerts, you will have to pay a subscription. 

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