Two individuals, both out of Casper Wyoming, one of which escaped from the casper Reentry Center, have been caught by law enforcement in Monroe County Georgia.

29-year-old Richard Thomas Fountaine, who was considered dangerous upon escape, and Kimberly Belcher have been detained by Monroe County Sheriff's Office in Georgia.

Monroe County is a little over an hour south of Atlanta.

According to the Wyoming Department of Corrections, Fountaine was serving 3 to 5 years in the Casper Reentry Center for burglary.

According to WSB-TV out of Atlanta Georgia, Belcher was accused of helping Fountaine escape.

According to Public Information Officer Anna Lewis of the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, the two suspects were seen on Wednesday, January 9th.

Friday, January 11th, they were apprehended in Monroe County at about 1pm Eastern Time.

They are currently in custody at Monroe County Jail. Fountaine will stay in Georgia and face charges there.

Lewis told KULR-8 he is also facing charges in other states besides Wyoming and Georgia.

Belcher's charges are unknown at this time.

Wyoming fugitive captured in Georgia

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