When wrestlers join their high school team, they know of the risks that come with wrestling such as physical injury.  However, one thing that is not always front of mind is the risk of contracting an illness during a match.

With the Montana High School State Wrestling Tournament beginning tomorrow, tournament organizers are making the health and sanitation of the wrestlers a top priority.

Mark Wahl, athletic director for Billings Public Schools has been involved in the tournament for several years, as he knows the methods of keeping the wrestlers safe. 

"We make sure we have plenty of cleaning supplies, we have a rotation for cleaning the mats after every round and a way to do that," says Wahl.  "We use a chemical that gets sprayed on the mat and we follow it up with a mop and then we wash, as soon as we are done we pull them off, wash them and use them again later in the tournament."

Ringworm is a common illness that can spread among wrestlers, but the most common skin illness that wrestlers can contract may surpirse you.

Shaleen Doctor of Riverstone Health says "the most common skin disease that they can get is herpes simplex virus or what's commonly known as a cold sore. However they can get it all over their face and this is not uncommon."

Doctor says it is important for those with a cut to seek medication as other skin illnesses like impetigo and mrsa can be found among wrestlers following matches.

Doctor says good hygiene is important among the wrestlers this weekend as they should make sure to thoroughly clean themselves before and after matches.

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