Wolves habituating in Cooke City; possibly baited in by people

A filmmaker who often visits Yellowstone Park wrote to KULR-8, expressing his concerns about wolves being killed in Cooke City by Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks.

He said he is worried the organization could be influenced by a minority of quote "wolf killing locals."

"We know there's a local population a very small population of people that have killed wolves, and bait wolves and try and create this controversy so that was our concern and the residents rely on tourism dollars let's face it," said Pittsburgh filmmaker David Rohm. 

KULR-8 reached out to Bob Gibson with Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks for more information on the wolves in Cooke City.

Gibson tells us a couple weeks ago a wolf was legally shot near Cooke City as a part of the hunting season. Soon after, Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks received reports that the wolf shot, along with several other wolves in the area were being baited into Cooke City and becoming habituated.

Other reports expressed concern that the wolves were becoming dangerous. Gibson said a biologist and game warden went to investigate these concerns. He said at this point they have found no reason to believe there's any danger to people in the area.

Gibson said reports like the one KULR-8 received, have come from wolf advocate groups who think because they are monitoring the situation, means they are there to kill the wolves.

He said this is not the case, and they will continue to monitor the situation and consider several alternatives.

"One of the options is the person or people who are responsible for habituating the wildlife get to be arrested, I mean it's illegal. A last resort is they would be removed, they wouldn't necessarily be lethally removed, but we are a long way from making that decision yet," said Gibson. 

At this time, Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks has taken no action to arrest or fine anyone in the area for feeding or illegally hunting the wolves. 

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