One Wisconsin doctor is raising awareness for mental illness by running 5ks in all fifty states.

From coast to coast Dr. Adel Korkor is making it his mission to reduce the stigma of mental illness and over 4,000 are expected to join Dr. Korkor in the 5k series all fifty states.

Despite the windy weather the Billings community came out to Riverfront Park to spread awareness about mental illness.

"With mental health being so common and widespread all across our nation. I felt it would be great to couple running which is the 5k walk or run, with running in every state and I made it in 50 days which is the most challenging part," said Dr. Korkor. "Part of it, which I feel is important to do in 50 days is a time of the essence. We have a crisis on our hands."

Around 30 people joined Dr. Korko in Billings. He encourages the community to take part in increasing mental health care while reinforcing exercise to help decrease anxiety and stress.

"mental illness is really critical because it contributes to four major problems. it contributes to homelessness, addiction, incarceration and suicide," added Dr. Korkor. "There's so much we don't see. "

Dr. Korkor said the positive feedback from every community is amazing and he has a message for you if you are suffering from a mental are not alone.   

"You need to each out to one another. Be willing to be open, to talk about their mental illness. There is help out there, I know the resources are constrained but there is help out there," said Dr. Korkor.

By June 15th, Dr. Korkor will have completed his goal to run a 5K in all 50 states.

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