Wind and hail damage at Advantage Electric Plus

BILLINGS, Mont. -- Cleanup is still underway after quarter-sized hail and strong winds pushed through Billings last Thursday.  Advantage Electric Plus, an electric contractor in Billings, had their roof almost completely torn off.

71-year-old Terry Schiesser is working on repairing his roof since last Thursday.  "The bare spots up here... it took half of what's bare right now, took it clear across the street in the parking lot across the way and then the other two sections were just folded over and blown over hanging on the south side of the roof."

Terry says the storm also caused damage to his motor home and blew a wooden panel into a nearby power line.  Terry and his wife Patti Schiesser say they have reached out to Billings Fire and NorthWestern Energy to fix the power line, but the panel is still hanging from the live electrical wire.

Schiesser says he is desperately trying to find a roofing contractor to finish the roofing job -- but due to the recent hail storms in Billings -- he says most wont be available until a month out.  In the meantime, Schiesser and a few others will try to patch up the roof as best as they can.

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