Westpark Village Senior Living "Pedals" to Lake Tahoe

Fit To Be Strong is a program at Westpark Village Senior Living that keeps its residents feeling young and strong.

Today, Westpark Seniors took part in a Pedalathon, huffing and puffing their way to Lake Tahoe with stationary pedals.

They didn't actually bike their way to Nevada, but it gave them a mileage number to shoot for.

They monitored the amount of miles they pedaled and combined them together in attempt to reach the more than 950 miles to Tahoe.

Firey resident, Willard Baker says they can all use the exercise.

"Yeah, I've been pedaling for them this morning too. Yeah, they conned me into this two or three times see, yeah. No, no it's good for your knees. It's good for your legs. It's good for your uh... Uh, what do we call that? Uh, a heart? Your heart, yeah. I don't have one, but we got a heart see? Yeah,” says Baker.

"We've been doing the fit programs, which is a lay down, strengthening, balance program. They just added the pedaling in January and actually, the pedaling has just shot, its just crazy. People love it. You can pedal ten miles and it doesn't even feel like you have,” says Shannon.

The pedaling began at eight o'clock this morning and wrapped up at three this afternoon.

Westpark Village is home to eleven seniors over 100 years old, and staff attributes that statistic to the active lifestyles their residents lead.

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