The second car reportedly stolen was a Ford SUV belonging to Chelsea Daniken. 

KULR-8 spoke with Chelsea after the incident on Wednesday. She described this morning's events as frustrating and shocking, expressing disbelief that it even happened. 

"I came outside and I saw my car wasn't parked where I always park it and thought no way, something you think would never happen to you, happened," said Daniken. 

After the suspect ran away from Trooper Snelling, he found allegedly found Chelsea's car unlocked and running on her quiet neighborhood street. 

"Run in, make a cup of coffee come back out to go and it's gone it's just like we live in a pretty nice neighborhood, you know pretty quiet, just wouldn't think it would happen here," Daniken said. 

She said police showed up within five minutes and while the officer was filling out the report, she learned her car was wrecked in a chase out towards Shepherd. 

Chelsea says she's never thought twice about warming up her car in the morning until now. 

"I do not trust anywhere where you're at I guess not even to warm up your vehicle when it's cold, yeah it's frustrating."

Chelsea says her car is totaled due to internal damage from the suspect hitting a cement barrier. 

She doesn't know what insurance will cover at this time, but she will have to pay for the tow truck. 

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