Ways to help keep Billings clean

The NAIA Women's National Championship is coming to Billings soon, which means we will have thousands of visitors in town.

And when people visit Billings, we want to make sure they see the beauty of the city.

If you see any amateur tagging around town, there are several different organizations you can call to help clean it up.

Natasha Potratz with the Downtown Billings Alliance said she hasn't noticed any recent spikes in graffiti, but it's always good to be on the lookout.

Potratz said cleanup in Downtown Billings is part of the DBA's mission, so if you see anything in the Downtown area, you can call them.

The traffic signal boxes downtown are now wrapped with artwork from local artists and they have a graffiti-resistant coating on them to help keep them clean. However, utility boxes in other areas of town may still have markings on them.

Potratz says the DBA is working to further the growth of the art community and culture in downtown.

Part of this is giving aerosol art community an outlet to create, which is why she says she believes there isn't as much graffiti.

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