Warning signs on the Rims, or lack there of

Earlier this week, Billings Firefighters and AMR had to rescue a child from a fissure on the Rims near Swords Park. 

The boy and his mother were walking along the Rims when he fell down five feet into one of the fissures, which was covered in snow at the time. 

Billings Fire Battalion Chief Kevin Johnson said there are many fissures right now like the one the boy fell in, and this time ofyear people should stay on the bike path and exercise extreme caution. 

But questions have been raised, should there be more signs warning people about the potential dangers on the Rims? 

Mayor Bill Cole said, "If there are places in our community where there are dangers that are not obvious, then I would encourage people to let the city or private property managers know about it so they can put up appropriate signage."

He did not say if city council would be visiting this issue soon or not. 

Mayor Cole said right now everyone  wants to go outside now that Spring is right around the corner, but if you are going to the river or the Rims, now is not the time to leave your common sense back at the house. 

Billings Parks and Recreation will be discussing whether more signs are needed at dangerous locations on the Rims in their next meeting. 

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