Walk MS event a success

We are exactly one week away from the Walk MS event in Billings and one MS support group is reminding the community to join before it's too late.

Seasonal Walk MS Coordinator from Montana, Brandi Remme said a booth was set up Saturday at Lucky's Market in Billings to raise awareness for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

She said they are also reminding the community about the upcoming Walk MS event. The event will take place at St. John's Pavilion at the corner of Shiloh and Rimrock Road. Two members of the MS support group in BillingsĀ  are also encouraging the community to think about putting a team together for Walk MS.

"We're just trying to get the word out," support group member Pam Hofferber said. "If there are people that are either caretakers or living with MS, we want to let them know that there are support people out there that can help them."

"The closer we get to the walk date, the more teams we get together," Remme said. "We get a lot of registrations of teams that have participated for years and so it's kind of crunch time right now."

Remme said there is still time to sign up for the Walk MS next Saturday.

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