Voter turnout causes long lines for registration at MetraPark

If you've been to the polls today, you probably noticed how busy it has been. In our state and nationwide, voter turnout has been much more than expected.

The number of same day registration voters has surpassed the expectations of election officials.

Voters who needed to register today either because they waited, or because of a lost absentee ballot, came to MetraPark to fill out an information form. Then, they needed to hop in line to wait to get registered. People in line said they waited from one to two hours for the chance to vote.

"You know the late registration has been heavier than we thought it would be and we are kind of surprised by how many people have either thrown away their absentee ballot or have lost it," said Bret Rutherford from Yellowstone County Elections Office.

There were only four workers at MetraPark to process these registrations. Some people even made friends in the line, exchanging contact information after they were done voting. One election official says in the presidential election two years ago, the line was up to five hours long. She said they have no more people to help with the line and they will stay there until the last person is cleared to vote. According to Rutherford, 60,000 ballots were turned into the Yellowstone County Office as of 2:30 PM.

We asked some of those who waited in line for almost two hours if the wait to vote was worth it; they all said they'll have to wait and see the results come in before knowing for sure. Others joked that the idea of an absentee ballot was sounding pretty good now.

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