Vietnam Veteran ceremony held at Yellowstone National Cemetery

Thursday, March 29th, is National Vietnam War Veterans Day to commemorate the day soldiers left Vietnam.

The Yellowstone National Cemetery hosted a ceremony to pay respect and thank those who fought in the Vietnam War.

A wreath was placed at the Yellowstone National Cemetery during the ceremony to remember those who fought and lost their lives in the Vietnam War.     

Navy Corpsman, Paul Thomae read a poem that said, "When I came home from Vietnam I wasn't met by a marching band. The crowd at the airport shouted and cried. They told us all that they wished we a died."

That poem was about the struggles of the Vietnam Veterans visibly connected with all of the veterans at the ceremony.

It has been 45 years since the war ended but cemetery manager, Stephen McCollum, said: "This ceremony is actually called the 50th commemorative, it will be called that until 2025."

2025 is when the end of the war will reach 50 years.

The poem continued to say, "At last I've found a place I belong laid to rest with my brothers long gone."

One veteran said he grew up in Billings and many of his brothers have been laid to rest in Yellowstone National Cemetery.

For the non-veterans who attended, many said they wanted to be there just to say thank you for your service and your sacrifice.

Many veterans said after the ceremony they felt like they finally got the respect they deserve.

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