The Vice President's visit on Wednesday caused intersections all over town to be closed while he made his visit to learn more about the meth crisis in Montana. 

Major roads were blocked off like First Ave North and South, as well as Montana Avenue. But Billings Police say for the most part, everything went well. 

Every intersection along the Vice President's route was shut down and held by billings Police officers with the help of City Public Works. 

City of Billings drivers will be there around the clock, manning the trucks as long as the closures last. 

The first major closure came along Airport Rd, past MetraPark, then down First Ave S on the way to RiverStone Health. 

Police officers on scene said some people complained about the blockage, but for the most part all street closures went smoothly. 

The one area that was an issue was the underpass at 13th St and Minnesota. One officer said a lot of people had trouble finding a way to get to the Heights. 

The closures also did effect downtown businesses. One area of concern going into the day was parking availability for downtown workers. A worker at Jake's told us she had no issue getting into Park 2 Garage from 2nd Ave N, and there was no security search on her or the vehicle. 

Owner of Jake's Restaurant said the closures negatively impacted his business. Their lunch hour was slower than usual, and he said a large table of 15 cancelled their reservation for the night because of the effects of the VP's visit. 

On Facebook, many expressed their displeasure at all the resources being used for Vice President's visit. 

Dana Bad Bear said "Look at all the taxpayers money being wasted lol." Jimmi Herron added, "Waste of money for Billings." 

Others were happy Vice President Pence took the time to visit Billings, including one man who lives next to the Willow House where the Vice President visited to learn more about the meth crisis. 

"It's cool to see someone take the time, you know, to come down to a neighborhood, it's a low income neighborhood and everything. Check out one of the programs that's helping people, you know, I mean that's a hard issue, you know, people rehabilitating out of prison and stuff, that's pretty hard stuff there to deal with. Any help that they can get, you know, good for them," said Conrad Zitur. 

The block around the DoubleTree Hotel will be closed until 9 AM tomorrow. That is Montana Ave and 1st Ave N from 26th to 27th St. 

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