Vice President Pence joins private donor dinner for Sen. Daines

Senator Daines accompanied the vice president aboard Air Force 2 Wednesday.

KULR-8 had a chance to speak with the senator briefly by phone as the senator was in the air.

KULR-8 asked the senator about what it means to have the power of current presidential administration standing behind him as he seeks to extend his service in the u-s senate.

"To have Vice President pence here in Montana standing with me, fighting on behalf of Montanans is a real honor and Privilege," said Daines. "As a kid who grew up in Bozeman with parents from Billings, it's real honor to have the vice president standing with me."

It's not the first time that the administration has aligned itself with conservative candidates.

So, what will it cost Senator Daines to keep his seat?

Well, if recent trends hold true in 2020, it will be a lot.

According to FEC filings from 2017 to 2018 Senator Jon Tester raised around $18.6 million.

That's three times more than Senator Steve Daines needed to secure his win in 2014, but that race was won after incumbent John Walsh withdrew from the race.

 Helena Mayor Wilmot Collins has announced he intends to run.

Collins is considered rising star within the Democratic party.

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