BILLINGS, Mont. -- A group of USS Billings crew members is visiting Billings!  The crew touched down at Billings Logan International Airport this morning.

Billings Mayor Bill Cole, City Council members, and community members were all at the airport waiting for their arrival.  Commissioning Coordinator Ron Spence says the crew will be staying until Sunday.

While they're in Billings, the crew will be visiting local schools, downtown establishments, and other community events in the area.  Dennisha McElbeen is the Command Master Chief and Erin Morrison is the Weapons Officer on the ship.  They say they are very excited to spend time in the Magic City.

"Both times that we've come here the committee has hosted and we've had nothing but good times. We have a whole group of people that have never been here before, so I'm just so excited to see that they get to experience what we've experienced -- a home away from home," says McElbeen.

This is the first time USS Billings crew members are in the Magic City since the commissioning in August.

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