BILINGS - Staff at MetraPark say there are many events planned for this spring and summer, but there are still some COVID-19 measures in place, even without a statewide mask mandate.

"It's been since about October since we had a major sized event. Staff that have to do with food and beverage and people that interface will be wearing masks for your protection," Marketing Director for MetraPark Ray Massie said.

You'll still see workers masked up inside the First Interstate Arena, but patrons are not required to abide.

"We have a capacity cap of about 4,400 people to come into the arena," Massie said.

But just because MetraPark is ready for the big events, Ray says the COVID-19 situations in other states are a big factor for shows here in Billings. Specifically, with bands that can't tour in states like California, Washington and Colorado.

"None of those states are open and available for people to perform, so it makes it harder for us to have performances here," Massie said.

But you should still be prepared to bring a mask to the arena because you may have to wear one at some events.

"Even though the governor has removed the mask mandate, it doesn't prevent the individual performance from requiring a mask," Massie said.

Event managers still have the right to choose if they want masks on the audience.

"That is the individual promoters choice, not necessarily ours," Massie said.


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