Two male penguins adopt egg in a Berlin Zoo

People are flocking to the zoo in Berlin, Germany, to see a pair of male penguins who are trying to have a family together .

The pair could soon hatch a chick after they adopted an abandoned egg. 

The penguins named "Skip" and "Ping" arrived from another zoo in the spring, and quickly showed signs they wanted to become parents.

It's the next chapter in a penguin love story.

Zookeepers here say the pair were so eager to become parents they tried hatching rocks and even fish. 

After that, they knew the two were ready to keep an abandoned egg warm until it hatched, and to raise a chick.

Same sex penguin couples have been observed in the wild for at least a hundred years.

Skip and Ping have been watching over their egg since July, taking turns tucking it under their bellies.

There's just one potential hitch. 

Staffers at the zoo aren't sure if the egg is actually viable. Skip and Ping will keep it warm for another couple of weeks, and it should hatch in early September.

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