By twos, threes, and even fours, sets of siblings gathered in a French town to celebrate at the annual twins festival.

The town of Pleucadeuc in France's Brittany region has been hosting the unique festival since 1994.

The town's mayor founded the festivities to honor his twin daughters.

Triplets and even quadruplets were among the crowd. Many family sets dressed identically as they enjoyed music and friendly competitions.

The sibling groups shared their stories, in some cases talking about how they met spouses at the event over the years.

Nearly 12,458 twin births were, 167 triplet births, and eight quadruplet births were recorded in France in 2017, according to a national study there. 

In the US, twin births increased by 76% from 1980 to 2009, according to the National Center for Health Statistics.

The ride is widely attributed to the increasing popularity of in vitro fertilization, which can result in twin births due to the implanting of multiple embryos in the womb.

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