A turtle has lived to see another day, after being found frozen in the snow nearly two weeks ago. Dave Pauli, an animal specialist, who is also part of the US Humane Society, along with KULR-8's reporter, decided to name the lucky frozen turtle Frosty.

Dave Pauli explained the situation, "Billings Animal Control picked the turtle up last Saturday, December 29th in the snow and of course they thought it was a dead frozen turtle." However, the turtle was not dead, just frozen. When animal control picked the turtle up, they took it to YVAS. The shelter slowly thawed Frosty out and that is when they realized he was still alive.

Pauli said the turtle is alive because he's cold-blooded. "He started to show signs of life and started to show some interest in food and those are some good signs. His body was telling him to shut down, and so it will take him several more days for him to totally acclimate."

According to Pauli, the turtle's forever home will be somewhere warm. The timeline as to when Frosty will get to his new home has yet to be determined.

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