A trampoline park in Billings is open again after being closed for two months due to COVID-19.

Get Air Trampoline Park closed on March 20 and reopened May 20. New rules include allowing 50 customers in at a time, whereas they had capacity for 211 customers before COVID-19.

Northern District Manager for Get Air Trampolines Kirk Riley said they were excited to see the customers coming back. He said, "The second we opened the door and that first customer came in, we were like 'Yes, we're back to it. We can start enjoying our jobs again.' Because this is a fun job."

Get Air Trampoline Park has stopped using wristbands to limit contact. Instead, they are using handstamps. 

Another change is they are only doing one birthday party at a time. Before, they often did 17-25 birthday parties on a typical Saturday.

Riley said they are also doing more cleaning, including disinfecting surfaces after each child is finished using them. He said the safety of customers is top priority.

Riley said April and May are typically busy months for the trampoline park. He estimates they lost almost $700,000 from being closed for two months.

He said, "Normally, we are doing school groups right now. Last year, 2019, April and May, we did 83 school groups. And so, kids that are coming out for their last field trips, we're a destination for all over the state. We have people that are coming from Missoula and that area to come jump at our trampoline park. That's what really hurt us. April and May are big revenue months for us just because of school groups."

The staff of 20 was all furloughed with the coronavirus closure. For now, three staff members are back working.

Riley said, "Us being a small business, a small company, it definitely took a toll on us as a company. We just needed to get ready and get open again, and welcome our customers back."

He added, "We're excited for every customer who is coming in. We're thanking every customer who is coming in because without them, we wouldn't be here."

Riley said the customers are also thanking them, which he says "means a lot."

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