Billings TrailNet is celebrating completion of the first piece of the Skyline Trail tomorrow at Zimmerman Park.

The Skyline Trail is planned to be three miles when completed, from Zimmerman Park to Swords Park.

This first piece of completed trail is about 800 feet long. It begins in Zimmerman Park.

The trail is designed to be multiuse- accessible to runners, walkers, bicyclists, and people using assisted mobility devices.

Executive Director of Billings TrailNet Kristi Drake says she uses the trails herself. She says she's been a commuter on her own bicycle for twenty years.

She said, "I live it. I live my job and it's the best job in the world."

Drake says Billings may get a grant in November that will help complete the Skyline Trail.  If that doesn't work out, fundraising efforts will begin.

She said, "Trails just give you a more leisurely way of being where you do start talking to people. And, you do say "hello." And, I think that it's a really important part of a community. It brings us together."

She added, "When I'm out on the road or on a trail, I see people all the time that use them and really appreciate them. For instance, I had an encounter with an elderly gentleman who was in a wheelchair. And, he told me how grateful he was for the trail system because it enabled him to get outside and be out for hours, and see things and be in the fresh air."

The Trailblazing Celebration is Saturday starting at 11 am. There will be music, food trucks, a family fun run and a free raffle.

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