Billings, MT - Tracking down thieves isn't always the easiest thing to do. Posting to Facebook neighborhood watch pages can be beneficial when trying to locate criminals.

"I mean if it wasn't for those sights, we wouldn't have recovered anything," said the latest victim of theft, Brittany Polkow.

After reaching out to law enforcement, neighborhood watch pages are next. In times of need, communities like Billings rally around those who have fallen victim to crimes.

Early Monday morning, victims Brittany and Logan Polkow lost thousands of dollars of tools. They were stolen right from a trailer in their driveway in the Billings Heights. Since then, a majority of the tools have been recovered; thanks to local neighborhood watch pages.

"It goes beyond words because she pays attention to these pages. With as many people who do pay attention to these pages and are able to communicate with each other I think we are going to impact these scenarios", said Logan.

We also reached out to Lt. Brandon Wooley of the Billings Police Department who gave us his thoughts about posting crimes to neighborhood watch pages.

"If an individual is going to post things on their own, especially in the social media formats, that's protected freedom of speech and they can pretty much put whatever they want on there. Obviously they would have their own risk of putting false things out. Our standpoint would be neutral at that point," said Wooley.

With the holiday season in full swing thieves are on the lookout. As you're able to see in the above video, which was posted on a Billings neighborhood watch page, they have no shame in taking what doesn't belong to them.

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