Three shootings in Billings in 10 days

There have been three separate shootings in Billings in 10 days.

The first shooting occurred November 9 at Shooters Bar and Casino on Avenue D. In that shooting, a 24 year old woman was taken to the hospital. A 22 year old woman was arrested in connection with the shooting.

The second shooting occurred November 16. It happened near 7th Avenue S and S 27th Street. In that shooting, police say a female victim was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The most recent shooting occurred yesterday morning.

Billings Police were called at 3:19 am for a 17 year old young man who was shot twice. This shooting occurred in the 1000 block of N 25th Street. Billings Police say the victim's injuries appear to be non- life threatening.

Billings Police continue to investigate these shootings.

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