absentee application

BILLINGS, Mont. - Montanans across the state have been receiving flyers in the mail telling them to register to vote, which has caused confusion for those who have already registered.

Election offices throughout the state are receiving phone calls from thousands of Montanans, confused about their registration status after receiving absentee ballot applications in the mail from a third party mailer.

According to the Election Administrator for Yellowstone County, Bret Rutherford, all Montana voters received the flyer. With 85% of Montana residents already registered, people are wondering why are they being asked to register.

Rutherford says, if you do receive one of these applications, it does not mean you are not registered to vote.

"They think they're not on the absentee list when they are, and then when you get 65,000 people that don't think they're not on the absentee list, they start calling us in masses and it creates a log jam on the phones, we're re-processing applications that are already in, it's kind of a duplicate effort when we could be using our time elsewhere in a more productive manor."

For those curious about their registration status you can visit my voter page to do that. Click on this link to head there now, https://app.mt.gov/voterinfo/.

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