The HUB Drop-In Center in Downtown Billings will be closing October 1st

BILLINGS, Mt - After months of consideration the HUB Drop-in Center in Downtown Billings announces they will close their doors October 1st.

The HUB Drop-In Center serves as a resource site for the homeless and at risk of becoming homeless but like many other businesses in Billings, they too will be closing their doors.

Yellowstone County Commissioner Denis Pitman says the Mental Health Center is trying to find ways to be more efficient in providing services and one of the ways they can do that is by moving some of the services they're providing here to their main location.

The HUB is located on the corner of North 27th Street and 6th Avenue North. Although the drop-in center will be closing the Mental Health Center says this decision will allow them to maintain all their services like the Project to Assist in the Transition from Homelessness program, the Early Psychosis Intervention Clinic, Outpatient therapy and the Group Home and Community apartments.

"Those services are being provided throughout our community whether it be the mental health center and it's other locations, whether it be the crisis center, rescue mission, St. Vincent De Paul, Family Services, the services are here, and it'll just be an adjustment," says Pitman.

Brian Knicely the Executive Director of the Yellowstone Art Museum which is only a few steps away from the HUB says he hopes the change will be a positive effect on the community.

"Being new here I found it sort of difficult myself to know how to get people their services or tell them where to go, so I like the idea of them going to a campus idea so I don't have to determine what someone's need might be, I can tell them where to go and they can find their services whether that's to find a meal or to find counseling," says Knicely.

Pitman says closing the HUB will dramatically change the area as it redevelops into new businesses. 

"Instead of looking at it as losing a service that it's just changing in a way that it's being provided. It's a way of making sure we're providing the appropriate services in the appropriate place in the most efficient and effective way possible," says Pitman.

To learn more about the services provided by Mental Health Center, click here.

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