27th Annual Strawberry Festival

The 27th Annual Strawberry Festival was in full swing Saturday morning into early afternoon in Billings. The festival started years ago as a way to bring in people to the downtown area. Visitors could find anything from strawberry smoothies to deep fried strawberries. The festival had a 65 ft. long strawberry shortcake.

Maisie Sulser with DBA told KULR-8 that her and her crew had been setting up for the festival since 3:00 a.m. "Seeing everyone coming in and to me the streets were full. Skypoint was packed and our strawberry shortcake went by really fast this year so that's always a good sign and a good sign of a great turnout so I think it was a good one."

Albertson's has been a part of the festival for about 20 years. An employee with the grocery store explained that the store wanted to be a part of a community event, so they started with the Strawberry Festival. Danny Munger explained that Albertson's was the only tent with strawberries. "I think the turnout has been really good this year. It was busy at 8:00 this morning. We had people asking for stuff. So, there's been a lot of people. I think they came before it got to hot. We're always looking forward to next year, we're always looking forward to try and improve and do something better."

The festival does not only have strawberries. It also comes with arts and crafts vendors from around the region, such as photography, oil paintings, jewelry, and much more.

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