39th Annual Montana Marathon

After earning two second place finishes in the Montana Marathon in 2016 and 2018, men's marathon winner Patrick Geary knew he had something to prove this year as says his hard work has paid off. 

"The process of preparing for it and the discipline you have to have to get up every morning and put in your miles and start six months in advance to get yourself to the point where you're ready to run the distance and show up on race day and do your best."

After winning his first marathon in 20 tries Geary is not ready to give up his competitive spirit.  "I'm not gonna quit and retire from it because it really is fun," says Geary, "I guess you don't always here that from people who say 'oh I almost died' and trust me I've been there." 

There were over 30 states represented today at the Montana Marathon and all proceeds from today's marathon will remain in the community go towards various scholarship programs and youth groups in Billings.

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