12th annual All Euro Car Show

BILLINGS, Mont. -- Vintage and contemporary sports cars lined up this morning for the 12th Annual All Euro Car Show.

The show is hosted every year by the Abroska Region Porche Club of America.

This year they are donating all entry fees to a scholarship for students at City College.  Bill Culhane has been collecting cars ever since he learned how to drive, and today he showed his 1930 original Rolls Royce.

"I guess it's so big that different people like different parts of it, cause they can't see the whole thing at once.  A lot of people like the hood ornament and some people just like the color," says Culhane.

Stephanie Haider, chairman of the All Euro Car Show and Treasurer of the Absorka Region, says there are first and second place awards for both vintage and contemporary cars.

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