Teen overcomes his body's limitations to join others on the football field

Skyview sophomore Tristin Edwards isn't the fastest or the strongest player on the field. He probably never will be. What he does have, is a passion that any coach would love their players to have.

Edwards explains, "I just really love the game, and I just love to do what football players do."

Due to a physical disability that affects the flexibility in his joints, even getting his equipment on takes a little ingenuity. He has to put his helmet on without using his hands.

And it's not just his equipment. No matter how hot it is, or how tired he gets, somehow, someway, Tristin finds a way to give maximum effort.

It's an effort that inspires teammates like Kade Hickey.

"Sometimes you don't know how privileged you are until you see kids like him," said Falcons senior linebacker Kade Hickey. "He's working his butt off, and it's like you know what, if he's out here doing it we can too."

"I just like playing the game," said Tristin. "So I try my hardest through the game, and when I'm tired, I just have to rest for a minute, and I want to get back out there."

Coach Ron Lebsock is inspired too.

"You look at the guy, and he's busting his tail with what he's got, and it motivates me," said Falcons head coach Ron Lebsock.

Last year Tristin played on the Falcons freshman football team, logging time at cornerback. This year he's suiting up for the sophomore team. But his time is earned, not given.

"He works hard, he deserves to get out there, and then whatever he does with it is up to him," said Lebsock. "And we're just glad he's here with us."

For Tristin, just being out there isn't enough. He's looking to make plays. "Each time you make an interception, they say your name," said Tristin. "Maybe if I get an interception, I get a touchdown."

Just like everyone, all Tristin wants is for his hard work to pay off. But the fact that so many people appreciate his hard work, makes it all the more worthwhile.

"I love that I'm inspiring people, because I'm playing what I love," said Tristin. "And I have tons of disabilities, and problems with me, and I'm still playing football, and I'm inspiring people to do much more."

While Tristan is inspiring people to do more, his goals are simple: to make varsity, and make plays.

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