Teachers show support, appreciation to students by way of parade

BILLINGS, Mont. — Bitterroot Elementary School teachers organized a parade Tuesday afternoon that ventured across Bench Boulevard and in various neighborhoods.  The teachers decorated their vehicles with paint, streams, balloons and more as they were able to wave to and see their students during the school closures.  

As on-campus learning closures prolong, teachers at Bitterroot Elementary have turned to online instruction.  Lauren Goetz teaches P.E. at Bitterroot Elementary and says it has been a struggle adapting to online teaching.  Though the teachers are still able connect with their students, they miss seeing their students face-to-face on a daily basis. 

"For us teachers, it's been pretty painful because we are used to having relationships with kids everyday, face-to-face, and now having to do it virtually is really hard," says Goetz.  "This is more of a people business than it is just sitting behind a desk, so learning how to accommodate on the fly has definitely pushed us above and beyond what we are used to but for the love of our kids it's been a very easy task." 

Governor Bullock's most recent order has extended school closures to April 24th. 

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