SWX stands for Sports & Weather Right Now. We're committed to providing South-Central Montana and North Wyoming with the best in local sports coverage, and 24-hour-a-day weather from the best meteorologists in the area.

In order to watch SWX, you must either have cable television (Channel 503 on Charter) or an antenna, as Dish and DirecTV do not carry the channel. Any basic antenna works -- simply plug into your T.V., perform a channel search, and SWX should appear as 8.2 (KULR is 8.1).

And if you're on the go, please check out the Syncbak app, which is free on the Apple app store, and on Google Play. Simply search "Watch SWX" and download. You can watch all of our programming live, or on demand. If you're at one of the games, you can use the Watch SWX app as an instant replay of sorts, and relive a play, or moment, right away. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. My cable provider doesn't carry SWX, what can I do?
    If your cable company doesn't carry SWX in its lineup, we urge you to contact the company and ask that they offer SWX to their customers.  The other option is to watch SWX over the air on the appropriate channel with the use of an antenna.
  2. I can't find SWX on Dish Network or DirecTV.  What do I do?
    We would greatly appreciate it if you would contact your satellite provider and ask that SWX be given a channel placement. Having SWX on satellite is KULR-8's number one priority.  Unfortunately, the satellite companies don't see it that way. The response we have received from DISH and DirecTV is they don't have enough space for secondary digital channels. KULR-8 feels local should be a high priority.  We are trying to change their minds with the help of our viewers. So please keep calling and let them know your feelings about how important it is to show local weather and sports on SWX on the Satellite.  Again, KULR-8 appreciates your help and support with this.  Dish Network customers can call 1-888-825-2557 and DirecTV customers can call 1-888-777-2454.
  3. What kind of programming is available on SWX?
    SWX Right Now is committed to providing the best in local sports and weather coverage  24-hours a day.  A ticker at the bottom of the screen keeps you informed on local sports headlines, scores and weather information.  Local meteorologists provide timely weather updates several times an hour.  We also provide local sports updates, as well as several live and replayed sporting events.

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