Suspicious pet poisonings reported on Billings West End

A number of pets being poisoned have been reported on the west end of Billings. Pets have reportedly gotten so ill in the west end of Billings, they end up in the veterinary hospital or dead.

We spoke with Kaitlyn Cooley, the owner of a dog who was poisoned last week. She said when they took her dog to the vet, she was told the dog consumed poison. Cooley also said she's heard a few other pet owners who have had their pets poisoned recently. Veterinarian Dell Kay Bertino said there are many ways a pet can be poisoned, but the top two are anti-freeze and rat poison that pets accidentally consume. She said the bulbs from plants can be toxic as well as household items such as Tylenol.

"The vet said that it was some sort of rat poison or some sort of drug- like actual, like, human drug. I guess you could say that someone could have given him or thrown over a fence or he found somewhere and wound up eating, so it was some sort of poison and he suffered really bad," Cooley said. "People  just try to look out for their own animals 'cause it really hurts."

"Check your yard. Make sure somebody hasn't thrown anything in there, but probably having a good relationship with your neighborhood so that everybody's watching for that kind of stuff," Bertino said.

Animal Control and they said they are currently not investigating these incidents because they were unaware.

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