Police staged near crashed vehicle

A vehicle believed to be stolen is abandoned in a ditch off on Independence Lane near Highway 312.

One person is in custody following a foot chase in the Billings Heights Wednesday morning.

According to police the man took off towards Grelck Lane after crashing a vehicle on Independent Lane near Hwy 312.

The vehicle in question was stolen.

According to MHP Trooper Snelling, she was responding to a crash around 5 a.m. on Shiloh Road when a wrong way driver in a Black Honda Accord was coming her way near King Ave. W.

Snelling says she activated her lights and attempted to initiate a traffic stop believing the vehicle may have been stolen. The suspect responded and got out of his vehicle right away.

Snelling says she and the suspect ended up getting into a ground fight and she attempted to use her taser on him but he was able to get away on foot.

Snelling says the suspect was able to get away with just a single handcuff on his wrist. From there she says he stole another vehicle, a blue Ford.

Police tracked the second stolen vehicle to the Billings Heights where it was crashed on Independent Lane and again the suspect fled on foot. 

Police tracked the suspects footprints in the snow from Independent Lane near Highway 312 to Grelck Lane where he was found hiding in a camper. Snelling says he was tasered and arrested roughly 3-hours after the chase began.

Montana Highway Patrol was aided in the investigation by Billings Police and the Yellowstone County Sheriff's Office.

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