teacher survey

BILLINGS, Mont. - The Billings Education Association conducted a survey with local teachers, and the overwhelming response is, with appropriate safety measures in place teachers want to get back into the classroom.

Out of 1,100 certified educators in Billings, 932 teachers responded to the survey asking about their concerns for the upcoming year.

65% of teachers say they're concerned the virus will affect their health.

22% of teachers would like to return to a completely remote style of learning, while 45% say they feel confident they can return to the classroom and 56% of teachers want to try a hybrid style of in class and digital learning.

President for Billings Education Association, Rachel Shillreff says each teacher has their own reason for wanting to get back to teaching but the most common denominator is their concern for the students.

"For a lot of our students, school is their safe place, it's where someone asks them how their day is, they're getting a meal, they're getting checked in, social and emotional needs met and so we worry about not having that in place, and how do we help them.", said Shillref.

Shillreff says she has talked with the Billings School District about the results of the survey and both parties are working on a draft of guidelines that will keep everyone safe.

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