"Summa --- Laude" - Publix censors graduation cake

(WCBD)  A South Carolina family received a surprise when they opened up the box to reveal the cake they ordered for their son's high school graduation.

"It was humiliating and funny at the same time, but definitely shocking," Cara Koscinski says.

Cara says her son Jacob worked really hard for his 4.7 GPA, and she wanted to recognize those high honors by displaying "Summa Cum Laude" on his graduation cake.

"I ordered the cake online, and I ordered it Thursday night from the Publix website and they immediately said 'censored' when I went to hit the submit button. So I redid it because I didn't know what word would be censored. And it still didn't accept it because it had the three letters, C-U-M in it," Koscinski says.

She says in the comment section, she specified that she wasn't trying to order a vulgar cake, and the word is Latin. 

Read more: http://bit.ly/2J43Wi1

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