Storm damage impacts countless homes in the Magic City

KULR (Billings)- Another hailstorm tore through the Magic City Thursday evening. Many residents feeling the impact.

Some Billings residents even more so with the hailstorm that also gave us golf ball sized hail just a few short weeks ago.

Bill Ohlson saw extensive damage to his yard. Leaves and pines scattered throughout leaving him with a driveway full of nature to clean up.

"I thought that all of my windows were gonna break out. That's how forceful this was," says Ohlson.

Fortunately enough, Bill didn't have any broken windows. What he did have though, was extensive damage to his back deck. Something that was just recently built.

"I didn't notice all of this until i came out this morning. It was like snow all around in this neighborhood. Just like a snowstorm," said Ohlson.

As for the next steps, like many other residents in the city of Billings, Bill hopes to get his insurance adjuster out to his home as quickly as possible to assess further damages to his home. In the meantime, cleanups continue on Nutter Blvd.

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