Still missing KULR-8? Then it's time to rescan.

KULR-8 is now broadcasting at full power. However, our repairs are not done.

Weather permitting additional work is being scheduled for next week. 

If you had previously received KULR-8 over the air and cannot see us, then you should rescan your televisions and digital receivers.

We thank everyone for your patience..

KULR-8 resumed transmitting at low power Tuesday afternoon.

Tower crews spent most of Monday and Tuesday working to install a new broadcast antenna and repair damage caused by an ice fall earlier this spring.

The damage to the transmitter was much worse than originally thought and additional repair work will be needed.

For those of you who still cannot receive our signal, we apologize for the continued inconvenience. We'll continue to update you with additional information as we take the necessary steps to return to full power.

Tower crews are back at work to make repairs to our damaged broadcast tower. 

Inspection Monday found damage beyond the initial findings.

The spring thaw caused ice on the tower to fall damaging critical components.

KULR-8 will resume broadcasting once the repairs are complete.

Continue to follow this article for updates.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience.  

KULR-8 is temporarily off the air for our DISH and over-the-air viewers.

KULR-8 stopped broadcasting at 9:30 AM Monday morning to allow tower crews to climb our tower to install a new antenna.

Falling ice caused significant damage to our previous antenna.

While installing the new antenna, the tower crew found additional damage that must be repaired. These repairs had to be stopped early this afternoon due to thunderstorms in our area.

Because of these unfortunate circumstances, KULR will remain off-air Monday. We hope to have our tower crew back up and working soon and resume transmitting on Tuesday.

Please continue to watch this story for additional updates on the progress.

Again, we apologize for this inconvenience.

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