LOCKWOOD, Mont. -- Pacific Steel and Recycling is recovering after a large fire broke out in the plant in Lockwood Monday, November 6.

"They were cutting some metal in another building and it got hot... and it goes on a conveyor belt into that building and then it separated and sorted.  Whatever it was it was burning before it left the other building and the conveyor belt transferred it to this building and that's what caused it to catch fire," says Lockwood Fire Chief John Staley.

He says three neighboring fire departments -- Billings, Shepherd, and Laurel  -- also responded to the scene around noon on Monday.  Without their help, he says the flames could have caused even more destruction.

Branch Manager Jason Heath says you can still bring recyclable items to their facility.

"We're still open for business here and on 4th avenue, so keep bringing the recyclables to us, we'll be back up and going," he says.

Heath says repairing the shredding facility where most of the damage was done will take a little more time.

"We'll have some repairs to do before we can even get that back online, so it's going to greatly impact what were doing for the foreseeable future."

Heath says it might take months to get their shredding system fully operational again.

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