US to use Army base in Oklahoma to shelter migrant children

The federal government will be opening a facility at an Army base in Oklahoma to house migrant children and is considered a customs port in southern New Mexico as another option as existing shelters are overwhelmed.

Less than 24 hours after we first told you Malmstrom Air Force Base could be housing unaccompanied immigrant children, the Great Falls City Commissioners received an e-mail stating the base was no longer available to provide temporary shelter.  

The office of refugee resettlement has spent weeks looking over three separate locations that could house refugee children. Fort Sill, Fort Benning, and Malmstrom were all in consideration. 

No reason was given as to why Malmstrom was taken off the list. The email does say these shelters will help U.S. border patrol continue its vital national security mission. The Department of Health and Human Services says Fort Sill will be the army post to temporarily house the migrant children. They could start seeing as many as 14 hundred as soon as next month.

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