St. Vincent Healthcare has a new walk-in clinic

St. Vincent Healthcare's Walk-In Clinic is getting a new look, and a new location. The walk-in clinic opens its doors tomorrow morning.

St. V's new walk-in clinic is the first stand-alone clinic for the hospital. Up until now, the walk-in clinic has been attached to the emergency room.

St. V's Walk-In Clinic Doctor Kyle Debenhan says the facility is easily accessible with easy parking for those with sprains and cuts, who don't need to go to the ER or can get in with their primary care doctor. She says it's a large facility with 25 employees..

The difference between a walk-in clinic and the ER is the walk-in's medical staff help with colds, sinus problems, sprains and minor lacerations.

"For the emergency room, if you're having chest pain, or having severe difficulty breathing, or severe abdominal pain, or concerned about a blood clot, or stroke symptoms, those are patients that should be going to the emergency room because chances are they'll need to be admitted to the hospital." she said.

The walk-in clinic opens tomorrow. Their hours are 7:30 in the morning until 7 at night, 365 days a year. The new location is off of 27th street, across from their main hospital by Yellowstone Family Dental.

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