Spike strips ends high speed chase

BILLINGS-A man who led law officials on a high speed chase is recovering tonight. The man lost control of the truck he was driving shortly after running over spike strips. 

The pursuit started on the west side of town around 9:25 pm on December 11, according to Trooper David Hankins of Montana Highway Patrol. It continued down King Avenue and "shot" west.

The pursuit reached speeds as high as 80 mph in town, Hankins said.

Hankins said, "I was able to get on 32nd and spike the vehicle."

Hankins said he deployed the spike strips just south of King Avenue on 32nd St..

The pickup truck eventually came to a stop after hitting a fence at Regal St. and Eldorado Dr. 

The man was taken away in an ambulance for treatment of non-life threatening injuries. 

According to Hankins, what caused the motorist to flee from law enforcement is unknown at this time.  

The fence and 2006 burgundy Dodge pickup sustained extensive damage.

This is a developing story.

Check back for updates. 

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