XTreme Fastpitch Softball is hoping the Billings community will bring gifts that need wrapping. The teams are at the Rimrock Mall through Christmas Eve wrapping shoppers' gifts as part of their fundraising goal of $30K.

Players and their parents are set up right outside of The Candy Clubhouse at the mall. They are raising money for three teams, their U-12, U-14, and U-16 teams. The money raised will help the teams travel in and out of state, as well as, purchase uniforms and entry fees, and give them places to practice.

Jodie Stercker, a mother of two players told KULR-8 how much gift wrapping will cost. "You can bring in your own boxes, so if you bring in your own box that's fine. If not, we do have small, medium, and large boxes. The larges are $9, the medium is $7, and the small is $5. We also have gift bags, large and medium, they are $7 and $5 and an assortment of tissue paper to pick from that. If you let us know that you saw us on KULR8, come in and let us know and we will give you $2 off each box that you wrap."

Each team is hoping to raise $10K each, for a grand total of $30K.

KULR-8 / SWX Reporter

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