Skyview students try distracted driving simulators

Skyview high school students are getting first hand experience of impaired driving, not on the road but through distracted driving simulators.

Save A Life tour is a safe driving awareness program traveling the country to educate students about the dangers of distracted driving.

"Really what we want them to do is understand all these decisions as being destructive, recognizing what they are and make any lifestyle changes necessary in order to be a positive force in their community," said Michael Campbell, Crew Manager of Save a Life. "I want them to walk away with the confidence and self understanding to look at their decisions and understand how those decisions affect the community around them."

While the program primarily focuses on texting and driving, other factors include sleep deprivation, reckless driving and driving under the influence.

Students also have a chance to sign a pledge banner which will hang in their school.

"The simulator was interesting. It was actually very hard especially since the road was so windy to stay on while in between while also responding to the text," said Skyview student Tanner Hofferber. "I did realize that it is similar to real life and it doesn't matter how good you think your are. You still will mess up. You still will crash."

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