Skyview High School gets $50K grant for students' mental health

Skyview High School received a $50,000 grant to address issues that affect mental health among students.

Among other things, the grant allows for the creation of a SMART Lab, which stands for Stress Management and Resiliency Training.

The SMART lab will be in a room off of the Commons Area. Students will be able to come in when they are feeling stressed. They'll start by doing biofeedback. Then, there will things to do to help lesson stress, like drawing, listening to music, relaxing and drinking water and maybe using an elliptical machine. Finally, the students will do biofeedback on their way out. This will enable students to see what works to lessen their stress.

IMPACT Grant Lead Tina Boone said, "How many times have we as adults been in a stressful situation and we know what we need to do? Do we need to close our eyes and breathe? Do we need to listen to music? But, students don't always know that. And, what's so awesome about this is they are going to see results. So, that's fun. So, the power is theirs."

The grant will also create staff mentorships, allow for  a resiliency poll among sophomores, educate staff about how trauma affects students and allow for a professional mentor to come into the school.

Boone said they hope to have all of the equipment set up in the SMART Lab and do a soft opening second semester

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