People from all over the community came to Zimmerman Park to celebrate the first eight hundred feet built of the soon to be three mile Skyline Trail.

The event began at 11 a.m. featuring vendors, food trucks, and even live music.

When completed, the trail is meant to connect Zimmerman Park to Swords Park.  The ten foot wide, multi-use trail is right next to the highway and perfect for walking, running, bicycling, and assisted mobility devices.

The first section of the trail is made of pavement donated by Riverside Contracting.  Executive Director, Kristi Drake, shares with us the ultimate goal for the Skyline Trail, "Our grand vision is to build a loop around the city (we call it the marathon loop) and would go all the way through Colson Park down through River Front over to ZooMontana and then back up the Shiloh Trail and then up to the rims again.  That's twenty-six point two miles; it would be amazing."

The City Council, a representative from Senator John Tester's office, County Commissioner, and Billings Mayor, Bill Cole were all in attendance.  Drake says the event turnout shows just how important trails are to the Billings community.

If you would like more information or want to donate to the Skyline Trail project you can visit the Billings TrailNet website available on our Connections page.

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