Shepherd School Board votes to terminate superintendent

KULR (Shepherd)- Tuesday's bond vote follows a failed $17.9 million bond proposed in May.

The Shepherd School District is giving it another go.

The Elementary School District is asking for up to $7,950,000, while the High School is asking for up to $3,950,000. If passed, the bonds would go towards the construction of new classrooms, cafeterias, and facilities. The schools district outlines the specifics regarding additional spaces are on Yellowstone County's website.

Shepherd is looking for these improvements because their existing facilities in many cases, are at the end of life, or no longer safe for students.

For instance, in April, KULR-8 took you into the basement of the elementary school. Mold growing beneath students feet made three classrooms and a music room unusable.

The issue regarding school facilities was then compounded on August 11th when a massive hailstorm moved through the area causing millions of dollars in damages to the schools.

While those damages will be repaired through insurance payouts, former Superintendent Scott Carter pointed out that the insurance would only get the schools back to where they were before the storm, and will not address pre-existing issues.

You'll note that Carter is no longer Superintendent in Shepherd. He was the consistent voice pushing to educate the public about the need for the bonds and how that money would be used.

Carter was recently dismissed from his duties after admitting to being on school grounds smelling of alcohol.

If you have not already mailed your ballot, your vote can still be counted.

However, you'll have to deliver that ballot by hand to the Yellowstone County elections office in Downtown Billings no later than 8PM tomorrow.

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