Many homes in Shepherd are still recovering from the August hail storm that damaged windows, siding and roofing.  

Shepherd resident Karl Hazen is one of those residents whose home is still not fully repaired from the damage, but for him the snow storm that came through today did not have too much of an affect on his home life. 

"It's a little cooler in the house, I'm glad I have a wood stove, that saved me lots of money on propane costs and I work all I day so i don't have to keep it very warm during the day and it doesn't really seem to bother the dog at all," says Hazen. 

Though comfortable inside, portions of Hazen's house have not yet been repaired and with winter weather rapidly approaching could delay this process even further. 

"If I get my windows in life will be good and once they are in they can do the inside work and replace the carpets and painting and all." 

Hazen says the hardest part about all this is the economic side of things as he has to now go through his mortgage company in order to get the contractors to come to his home. 

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